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Lucky Patcher FAQs: As I shared many things with you about lucky patcher and you guys show a tremendous response to us and our efforts. But We (Me and My Team) thought we should arrange a post regarding all the questions and solutions of those issues in front of all users, so before our users start using Lucky Patcher. So before that, they all should know what other users think about it and what are questions they ask before and after using it.

Lucky Patcher for PC

Lucky Patcher Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it safe to use Lucky Patcher Apk File?

Ans. Before recommending any app we used it in a all devices first, so we never found any problem while using Lucky Patcher Apk in Android and iOS device. With us there are 20 million users uses Lucky Patcher Apk in their smartphones. According to me, it the is 100% safe.

Q. Is Lucky Patcher Support With All Apps?

Ans. Though this app supports almost all popular apps in the market, It is virtually impossible to help each and every app but LP developers working on these things that are why they launch 35 updates till date, So you can trust on this app that Lucky Patcher start working on upcoming apps as well.

Q. How does Lucky Patcher Apk Work?

Ans. Users want to know that how does lucky patcher work and how it converts paid apps into free apps. Actually, Lucky Patchers replaces the original app code with the newly customized system and gives you an app with all pro features. In some cases it removes all original code, why? If you apply patch to remove license verification, it will delete the part of code which helps original developers to check whether your app has license or not, Lucky patcher helps you to remove that code and convert your free app into paid version.

Q. Is it true that it can remove ads?

Ans. Blocking ads work fine, and it is one of the features which are quite right and genuine.

Q. I applied Custom patch on an app but why does it show “Patch cannot be applied”?

Ans. Though “Custom patch available” is written below each app and game while using LP, sometimes a patch cannot be implemented easily because sometimes you uses the version on your device which is different from the one for which the custom patch was made.

Read the instructions below to get exact info regarding the custom patch.

custom patch

We will add more queries here soon, stay in touch with us.

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